A 6-week intensive online Training for Breathworkers, Energy Healing Facilitators, and Somatic Therapist, who want to create Healing Spaces with more Trauma & Nervous System Awareness and support their clients in processing emotional releases more safely and effectively.


Become an extraordinary healing SPACE HOLDER

 Hi dear....


Energy Healing Facilitators 

Kundalini or Reiki Practitioners 

& anyone working in the field of healing 

.....this training is created for you.


You are still studying or already sharing your gifts and have learned your modality with which you serve others, but you haven¬īt been taught to hold safe, trauma aware and extremely powerful spaces yet, in which your work can be received even deeper.

Everything changes when we not just master our modality, but master the Art of Space Holding. 

This is what you will receive from our 6-weeks together.

‚čó New Confidence & Groundedness for you as a¬†Space Holder

When you learn the Foundations of Trauma & the Nervous System, you will feel much more confident, capable and safe within yourself as a Space Holder, which will be felt by your clients. It creates a safe environment by knowing that you got them even if any Trauma Response may occur.

‚čó Deeper¬†Transformation and Healing Results for your Clients

We all know this feeling; When we feel completely safe with someone and within a space, we allow ourselves to drop deeper. Just the safe presence of a Space Holder has an healing effect by itself. This is what we are about gifting to our clients. 

‚čó¬†Enhancing your¬†Capacity¬†and Managing your own Energy

Safe Space Holding does not mean only being able to hold your client more safely, but also yourself. You do deep work and it¬īs important to draw your¬†boundaries¬†compassionately,¬†not "take on" the energies¬†of your clients and¬†navigate your own triggers, insecurities and themes while holding another.


‚čó Standing¬†out as a¬†Space Holder within your Field

There are so many amazing humans who have learned the same methods and skills, to support others, just like you. Why would they come to you? Because of your Embodiment and your skills as a Space Holder. This is what makes the true difference.

‚čó¬†Expanding in the size of Groups you can hold

Sharing your medicine in a 1-on-1 space, is very different to holding Groups. Holding Groups safely requires very different and a lot of skills. After our Immersion you will love holding groups even more.

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Feedback from the last "Safe Space Holding Immersion"

What is included?

6 Week Training Space

6 weeks in which I am teaching about the fine Art of Safe and Trauma Aware Space Holding. The shared content could fill months of training, but it is my intention to make it as short as possible to make it available time-wise & financially to as much Space Holders as possible

6 Live Zoom Calls - each 2 hours (incl. Recording)

We meet 3 hours (incl break) for our Opening Call. 2 hours for every other call afterwards. If you will miss a call, a recording of each call will be shared (only for immersion participants)

A Group of like-minded Space Holders & Facilitators

There is a special magic which occurs when humans with a shared intention co-create a field of learning together. Each of us has their own modalities that we are practicing and studying and bringing it all together holds so much potential of shared wisdom and collaboration


Community Group Q&A Support 

In between the calls you can daily connect to our community space. To share your experience and ask any questions that may occur - of you can ask me any question in between as well

Printable PDF Presentations

Each module will be taught alongside an in-depth PDF presentation, which will be available to you immediately after each session.

Online Life Force Energy Group Transmission (for the first 10 Sign Ups)

Receive a powerful Transmission of this powerful frequency, which drops you into deeper alignment and truth with yourself. Also it is a great opportunity to experience how I am creating "safety" within even an online space. ("safety" not just as a phrase, but with actual action steps)

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Safe Space Holding - The Modules

Module 1



‚čó¬†The Anatomy of the Nervous System

‚čó¬†Foundations of Trauma &¬†Trauma Cycles

‚čó¬†Emotions in the Body & incomplete Reflexes

‚čó¬†The importance of Safety¬†for the client to heal


Module 2



‚čó¬†Trauma Aware Client Intake & Assessment

‚čó Projections & Lenses through which we see our clients

‚čó From Care-taking and "taking on" to Empowerment¬†

‚čó¬†Activating while honoring your Clients Nervous System

‚čó When to¬†Activate vs when to¬†Downshift your Client


Module 3



‚čó¬†Reading & Responding to the Group Field¬†

‚čó¬†Opening¬†Agreements & Safety Practicalities

‚čó¬†Dropping the Group into Presence & Depth¬†

‚čó¬†Navigating Trigger & Resistance in a Group Space¬†


Module 4



‚čó¬†Energy Protection & Management

‚čó How to set Boundaries more effectively

‚čóFoundations Transference and¬†Countertransference

‚čó¬†Self-Awareness & more depth in your Space Holding

‚čó¬†Safe to be You - serving with your unique gifts¬†


Live Call Times


All live sessions are approximately 120 minutes long and will be held via Zoom. Furthermore, they will be accessible as recordings afterward, exclusively for each participant, and not available to anyone else.

1. Session 

Tuesday, 19th March 2024

2pm - 5pm, Germany, Berlin

8am - 11am, US, New York

2. Session 

Tuesday, 26th March 2024

2pm - 4pm, Germany, Berlin

8am - 10am, US, New York

3. Session   

Tuesday, 2nd April 2024

2pm - 5pm, Germany, Berlin

8am - 11am, US, New York

4. Session 

Tuesday, 9th April 2024

2pm - 5pm, Germany, Berlin

8am - 11am, US, New York

5. Session 

Tuesday, 16th April 2024

2pm - 5pm, Germany, Berlin

8am - 11am, US, New York

6. Session 

Tuesday, 23rd April 2024

2pm - 5pm, Germany, Berlin

8am - 11am, US, New York

Feedback from the last "Safe Space Holding Immersion"

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"The Level of how Safe our clients feels, directly correlates to the impact of their potential healing." 

Hi, I am Aline.


I am a Nervous System Specialist specialized on Somatic Trauma Healing, certified FBR Breathwork and Bodywork Practitioner, Life Force Energy Healer, Reiki Practitioner, Health Coach, Yoga Teacher, and studied for many years Shamanic Energy Healing with Native Americans.

In addition to in-person sessions, I have spent the past five years guiding hundreds individuals in discovering their healing abilities, unique gifts, and soul mission through online platforms.

Throughout these years, I have consistently received feedback from my clients, expressing that they have never felt as "safe" as they did during our sessions. This sense of safety alone has had a profound healing effect and enabled them to dive deeply into their own healing processes.

Given the fast growth of the spiritual healing and coaching world, many individuals acquire certain modalities to guide others through the healing process without being taught the importance of creating a safe space or being prepared for potential trauma responses.

My purpose is to change this dynamic and support all the talented and gifted space holders and healing facilitators out there in discovering a new approach that prioritizes the safety of their clients, as well as their own, while establishing greater confidence and joy.