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I am so happy and overwhelmed by the beautiful light code I get from Aline!! Everything I look at it- I feel so energized and deeply touched. 
Aline is also so a wonderful loving and emphatic lady- you can come to her with any problem or question you have - personally, business, life purpose, etc.. her guidance brings you to extraordinary and unexpected results- just amazing Aline, I love your sparkling Inspiration

Mona, Germany

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Aline is my friend, my coach, my teacher. She has the magnificent talent to push gently and very

efficient. Aline is super professional with me and you ALINE know exactly how to stretch my comfort

zone and to the same time make me feel safe and in a very protected space. Nevertheless, never

underestimate the small progress you do. I have learned to think in baby steps and to make the smallest

changes in my life to establish them as a routine every single day. It is so easy and successful. I am so proud of myself, what I have already achieved in these few weeks of this transformational program. I thank YOU my dear ALINE to be that person who can see the strong and powerful personality in every human being. You raised me up, made me have new and crazy ideas for future projects, to think BIG again, to dream my life. And get it DONE! 

Kristin, Germany

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I feel so blessed with my personal light code I received from Aline. It's a powerful tool to center and focus myself in moments of distraction and grief. And because I like the idea of the good action exchange I choose to offer a privat yoga session for a pregnant mama in our village who never did yoga before. This GOOD ACTION exchange is such a win for everyone. Brings people together and helps us to change our view on how and what we can exchange with others. Thank you Aline.

Naline, Germany

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Over the last 3 months, Aline and I worked together.
She is a wonderful and inspiring young woman and I really enjoyed working with her. I learned a lot, I got a ton of new ideas, I got a new point of view at the life and every week I got new action steps for the up coming week. The last 12 sessions gave me the possibility to get to know myself so much more than before, to confront and meet myself. Now I understand so much more about myself, my food habits and whats behind my actions. I learned to be more aware and careful with me, my actions and the world around me. I learned to take responsibility for me and my life.
Together we laughed a lot and had a great exchange. I’m so grateful for her work, for how she is and for the way she works.
It really was inspiring and I’m so happy I walked with her for a little while on this great adventure called life.
I highly recommend everyone out there to work with her.

Emilia, Germany


The whole experience of receiving the light code and having the session with Aline has been so powerful for me. Aline has the gift of really understanding people. I felt like she really knew ME! She is able to tune into what people really feel and need. She is empathetic, supportive, honest, brave and not afraid to say what must be said. I love her honesty! She made me aware of the power of perspective. 

Above all she offers the opportunity to do part of the payment by good action energy exchange. Amazing! I feel so so grateful for having this experience. Thank you Aline, you are wonderful!

Sophie, Netherlands

Bobby, UK

I am delighted with my Light Code from Aline. She is such a warm caring and compassionate person it was an absolute pleasure to find out about how she works and spend time with her as she employed her unique talent for me. I'm massively grateful and I feel so inspired by her work. Thank You Aline

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My feeling, this inner call has led me to Aline and it was a deep and pure feeling that I experienced during our session. She has mirrored me so much, in absolute purity ("in love with me and life") Thank you so much Aline, for sharing your sensitivity and for creating so more valuable insights. Thank you for practicing this, your truth and delivering it in this natural and beautiful way. Love to you. Thank you.

Karolina, Germany

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I had the pleasure to experience a reiki healing session with Aline! I can highly recommend her healing sessions. She is simply amazing - she totally intuitive, gentle and her energy allows you to fully open up. She also took her time for a talk after the session which really benefited me. I had a massive dream and a realization about a childhood trauma one day after the treatment. I will work again with Aline! Thank you so much!

Rainer, Austria


I received a light code from Aline and by receiving it I knew I had to go for a coaching session with her as well. It was all very gentle and at the same time opening deep potential. When I first saw my code I felt an energy in my body I didn't know before, that's why using the word potential in her work is defently true! I am very thankful for having made this experience and still being supported by the light code. Thank you Aline <3 super highly recommended 

Hannah, Germany


Aline’s light code creations are a reflection of her beautiful soul. Going into this process, I had never experienced light code work before and was very happy with the experience. Aline opened my eyes to a beautiful new form of expression .. allowing someone to see my light and translating that into art form. Her art is simple, clean, embodying, and unique. I would recommend this process to anyone. Thank you, Aline!

Shannon, US

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This woman is a miracle worker. I've only had a short introductory session with Aline and in those

few minutes helped me figure out how I was sabotaging my health, dealt with my fear of fasting and

showed me how with a few easy tweaks I could make huge positive changes to my eating habits.

The magic part is, she didn't even give me advice per se; instead, she used a series of very clever questions

to identify my blockages and guided me towards discovering the steps I can take for the best health


Esti, US

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I am very pleased and happy to have this special opportunity to work with you Aline on my transformation. It is my gift to myself and I am so overwhelmed to do this journey with YOU. It is just perfect and the universe has offered me this chance. I take it. I am very excited and very curious about the next three months. On Monday we had already our first session and I just admire your style of being and working with me. Your passion for people and their highest potential is truly inspiring.

Kristin, Germany

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Aline is an angel! Spending time with her automatically made me feel calm, grounded and content in my own skin. Aline holds space so well, from 1:1 coaching, hosting women circles and workshops and teaching yoga, she truly has a gift to share in this world! What I love the most about Aline is her true authenticity. She is so in tune with her inner being which allows her to give fully of herself to her clients! I highly recommend Aline to all women looking to transform their lives! As she has walked a path of inner healing and self discovery, she has all the wisdom, compassion and tools to share with those women ready live their best lives! Thank you Aline for being such a bright light!

Nikki, Capetown

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Dear Aline! Thank you for the great program: 90 days transformation. To be honest, I´ve been through a lot of coaching and I´ve done a lot of things. But this 1:1 coaching with you dear Aline really changed me. With a lot of patience, tenacity and honest words, you have been a mirror to me. Through little baby steps, I made small changes from week to week to achieve the goals I set for myself at the beginning of the coaching. In the beginning, I was thinking I am not going to follow through like in every other coaching before. But it wasn´t like that. I´m amazed by myself and at the same time, I am so happy and grateful you did such great coaching with me. I wanted to reduce distractive factors, wanted to do more things that are bringing me joy, focus on my business and just love who I am. And that is exactly what happened. Wow! Thanks dear Aline. You´re a great coach. <3 

Sandra, Germany

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Thanks for the total transformation! I have made so many breakthroughs with the help of your coaching.

Estelle, US

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Aline is a truly gentle, intuitive & knowledgeable coach.
It is a gift to be guided by such a special person.
Thank you very much for being who you are.

Burkhard, Germany

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