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If you arrived here I know you are an Empath, Starseed or Lightworker!

I believe you are here because you feel the infinite power and possibilities within you.

That there is a life waiting for you in which you are fully guided by your intuition, joy, and love. 

Yes, you are right! I celebrate you for arriving here!

Believe me, if I can have it, you can have it too! There is no difference and I am here to show and support you on the way. Why? Because that's my greatest joy!

You are fucking magical and you deserve nothing less than all your dreams coming true!

Let´s raise your frequency, activate all potentialities and awake everything inside yourself, that you want to attract from outside.

Let´s do it!

I´s your time to shine!
The School Of Light

Hi, I am Aline the founder of the School Of Light.

Back in 2017 when I spent an intense summer with Native Americans in the northern US, I received a clear vision to open a spiritual school and to teach children the laws of the universe, how they can play with it and the art of energy healing. Even I had no idea how to do that, I made one bold decision: I decided to dedicate my life to that path, bringing others in their light and offering my healing abilities. I trust that everything else will unfold in divine timing. 


Till then I am here for Empaths and Lightworker, like you! Available to support you on your path with all the tools and practices I studied and got initiated over the years.

All support is available for you!





"You can come to her with any problem or question you have - personally, business, life purpose etc.. her guidance brings you to extraordinary and unexpected results- just amazing."

You want me on your side to assist you on your jorney 

To support you in the best way possible, I became a Certified Coach. 

I am offering you either 60min Perception Shift -Sessions or customizes Mentoring programs in which I am your cheerleader and making sure you achieve everything that you dream about to experience.

You can always expect a very intuitive approach in which we both allow our intuition to lead us. It´s going to turn your reality upside down, shift your perception and bring you in a deep place of trust and gratitude.

Healing Sessions

This offer is for you as an individual, you and your partner, family or company.

Do you have a big vision? A dream that you want to step into? If we use the term "frequency" it means that you want to raise and adjust your frequency within in order to attract something new in your outside world.

With this special offer, I am devoting around 12 hours towards your intention and activate higher frequencies within you.


Your Light Code 
All-in activation Package 

Time to fully embrace and come back to our bodies. Our physical body and also our energy body. I am an "Alchemy of Touch" Transformational Bodywork Practitioner and also certified and initiated in various of Energywork practices.

In summer 2019 I was taught in my dreams how I am bringing all of these practices together and assisting you best in your healing process. 

These dreams are the foundation of my service.

What´s best for you?

Let´s have a FREE 20 minute Call with each other in which we speak about your needs and how we can support you best! I want you to feel a full-body yes, so it´s best to get some clarity on a quick call.