A safe Space for Healing.

I am honoured to serve you in person and online to guide you back into your wholeness and true alignment with who you came here to be.

A safe Space for Healing.


I am honoured to serve you in person and online to guide you back into your wholeness and true alignment with who you came here to be.




Facilitated Breath Repatterning is the most powerful work I have seen that human beings can receive and experience somatically. It involves a deep shift of the nervous system and brain chemistry through the closure of uncompleted trauma cycles and the alteration of maladaptive patterns in the body. It provides a pathway to freedom, greater aliveness, and wholeness.


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Many refer to it as Kundalini Activation, Life Force, Chi, Prana, Shakti, or Source Energy - all names representing the same divine energy that belongs to you. As I create a high-frequency energy vortex, your system can merge with this frequency, awakening and intensifying your own life force energy. True alignment with oneself is achieved by allowing this energy to rise.


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Where Science & Spirit meet.

A combination of ancient healing modalities with a grounded understanding of the Body, the Nervous System, and Trauma.




A 6-week group immersion for energy and healing facilitators who want to hold spaces with more integrity, confidence, and safety for themselves and their clients. The more secure a healing space is held, the greater the potential for healing effects. A combination of more somatic trauma awareness and a journey into inner wholeness. 


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A 4-week group support program designed to enhance the potency of someones awakening process and it´s important integration. This support group is specifically tailored to provide spiritual and somatic support during a Kundalini Awakening and the development of someones psychic abilities.


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"Only when we feel truly safe, we can enter a space of receiving spirit & true healing. " 

Hi, I am Aline. 


I am guided by a deep passion for creating safe healing spaces for individuals on their unique journey towards inner freedom & wholeness.

I am a Nervous System Specialist, certified FBR Breathwork and Bodywork Practitioner, Holistic Health Coach, Reiki and Kundalini Activation Practitioner, Yoga and Yoga Nidra Teacher, and studied for many years Shamanic Energy Healing with Native Americans.

This combination of modalities allowed me to develop a unique approach that combines ancient healing modalities with a grounded understanding of the body, the nervous system, and trauma.

In addition to in-person Breathwork and Kundalini Activation sessions, over the past five years, I guided hundreds of individuals through transformative journeys in online spaces and is currently teaching the Art of “Safe Space Holding” to other energy facilitators, as safety is the baseline for healing to occur in one's system.

I focus on bringing my own embodiment as a unique combination of strength and clarity that allows me to guide clients deep into their journeys, while maintaining a nurturing softness that creates a safe space for the body to surrender, release, and heal on a profound level.