Session Preparation & Integration




To ensure you get the most out of our time, here are some tips to help you prepare:

  • Arrive Early: Please arrive a few minutes early to ground and settle into your space so that the entire group can start on time (5min online session / 10 min in-person sessions)
  • Day of the session: No caffeine 4 hours before the session, no alcohol or other substances 48 hours before, only a light before to maintain an empty stomach (you don't want to be using your energy digesting food). Please be hydrated.
  • Set Your Intention: Take a moment to set your intention for the session. Reflect on what you wish to explore, heal, or discover. Your intention will guide our work together.

  • Let Go of Expectations: Embrace this session with an open heart and mind. Release any preconceived notions or expectations, allowing yourself to be fully present in the moment.

  • Be Gentle with Yourself: Remember that this work is a process, and healing and awakening takes time. Approach yourself with compassion and patience as you explore your inner landscape.

  • Trust and Surrender: As we begin our session, allow and surrender to the experience. Trust that you are held in a safe and nurturing space, allowing your true self to shine.



Extra Preparation for ONLINE SESSIONS:


  • Find a Quiet Space for a online session: Choose a serene and comfortable space where you won't be disturbed during our session. Creating a tranquil environment enhances your focus and connection.
  • Have a paid Spotify Subscription: Please have a PAID SPOTIFY SUBSCRIPTION, so the music plays in sync with NO ADS
  • Camera & Light on is a must: Please prepare a space where you can lay down during the session in a way that I can see your entire body (preferably from the side) - if your camera is not on, you cannot participate the online session. Please make sure you light is switched on in case it´s getting dark during our session

  •  Make sure your devices are charged: We want to minimize any disturbance during your online session

  •  A separate device for the music to be played is best: Two devices are best, especially so you can hear me, while also listening to your music. Please make sure the music is loud enough, so it´s supporting and guiding you along your journey, while still being able to hear my voice on the screen.

  • Setting Up your Space: Have some water, tissues, and incense and set up your sacred space as you wish


If you have any further questions, please reach out: [email protected]

80% of this work is about the integration



This energy frequency is intense and potent - a raw Kundalini energy of beautiful life force activation. 

When truly present in your body, this frequency allows you to explore the deepest levels of yourself, becoming a mirror reflecting the life you are destined to lead, the people you are meant to meet, and the love you are meant to explore. 

Your inner work during the session involves embracing it all - the bliss, hurt, visions, discomfort, joy, movements, and calmness.

Be open to feeling it all and surrender to whatever needs to be released, observed, accepted, and received. Whether your experience was soft and gentle or extraordinary and profound, this awakened energy is sacred and represents your true life essence.

The impact of the session goes beyond the two hours; the intensified life force continues to work for about 2 to 14 days after. Allow and witness whatever unfolds during this integration period.

Integration is about giving space for your physical body and mind to adapt to the changes and realizations experienced during the session. Embrace a gentle approach to heal the wounded parts of yourself, allowing your true identity to fully engage in life. It is the path to becoming whole.

Sometimes we may expect a massive experience on the mat, yet fail to be open to the process of integration. On the other hand, a gentle experience on the mat may be overlooked without keeping an open mind and awareness during the integration process.

To integrate correctly, be aware, listen, understand, and be open to learning about how your physical body and mind feel after the session and what wisdom can be embodied from the experience.

Stepping into a session means being open to feeling it all - the bliss, pain, movements, emotions, visions, heat, coldness, light, and darkness. Our integration process is unique, and we need to be open to whatever way it may unfold. Whether the experience was subtle or profound, it is crucial to listen to your body and integrate correctly.

Embrace the big healing work, acknowledging that the path of surrender is not passive. Taking responsibility and sovereignty over your journey is key to integrating all parts of your being into wholeness.

The session on the mat is just the beginning; the true blessings, shifts, magic, and alignment come through correct integration and further surrender to what is. We attend these sessions not just to release and let go within the 2-hour container but to understand that it is a process, a journey of growth and evolution.

Some may not notice drastic differences after each session, while others may have diverse experiences. There is no good or bad integration; it is all part of your unique journey. Give yourself time to adjust to the space created, release, and activate the energy. Be kind to yourself and avoid judging your integration. It is a deeply felt process with many layers to explore.



What to expect after your session (0-14 days)?




Afterward, it is entirely normal to feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude for life, living, and the light being within you. This happiness, joy, connection, and love create an enchanting experience. You may find yourself spontaneously laughing, and colors appear more vibrant - greens greener, blues bluer. Your creativity and sense of flow may feel orgasmic, and a profound sense of liberation and freedom engulfs you. Embrace the wonderful feeling of presence and calm and continue to stay connected with yourself.

'Out of sorts':

During the integration period, some may experience subtle or intense feelings of being "out of sorts." This sensation can be likened to experiencing a massive amount of potent and intense energy moving through your system, as if you had been through an energetic marathon while merely lying down. It may manifest as heightened tiredness, emotional sensitivity, feelings of being grumpy, aggressive, or sad, or a general sense of discomfort or agitation. You might also experience symptoms like dizziness, headaches, flu-like sensations, or sore muscles. These emotions and discomforts are indications of your stagnant energy and trauma being released and processed from your system. It's an emotional purification, and suppressed, unconscious fear, anxiety, and other dark energies are surfacing and need to be tended to before you can fully experience the bliss and joy of this process. Remember, these emotions and content were stored in your subconscious and are now becoming conscious. Give them the space they need, nurture them, and allow yourself to surrender without judgment. Ask yourself what your body needs during this time, and soon you will blossom into lightness. To facilitate the process, avoid 'fake fire' substances like alcohol, coffee, and energy drinks during the few days when these off-feelings persist. It is crucial to remain grounded and hydrated during this time; consider coconut water or natural electrolytes to support your body. Listen to your body's cues and follow the grounding practices listed below.



Your body's systems are still releasing, undergoing a process of purification, natural cleansing, and natural body detoxification. This purification phase may manifest in various ways, such as:

  • Increased urination
  • Spontaneous coughing, yawning, or burping
  • Energetic vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Spots on the skin
  • Parasites leaving the body
  • Increased smell from sweat
  • Skin renewal
  • More menstrual blood (females)
  • Re-activation of organs that help remove toxins like the liver, skin, kidneys, intestines, lymph nodes, and blood vessels

It is entirely normal to experience strong flu-like symptoms or feelings of dizziness during this process. Understand that this is your physical body deeply releasing stagnant low vibrational energy that has hindered the flow of life force in your body for some time. To support this phase, consider incorporating natural remedies like nettle, turmeric, cilantro, and dandelion into your routine.



During the integration period, you may experience fluctuations in your energy levels:

  • If you are experiencing a significant increase in energy levels, embrace it, but be mindful not to overexert yourself. Your system is still regulating itself.
  • If you are experiencing a decrease in energy levels, know that your system may still be releasing or purifying. Many people may have unprocessed exhaustion stored in their subconscious, which has now come to the surface of awareness. This tiredness is part of your system's regulation, transitioning from a state of fight or flight/busy mode to a more calm and relaxed state. Allow your system to regulate by getting well-needed rest and sleep. Witness yourself returning to homeostasis.



As your third eye opens and activates, it is common to experience intense and blissful dreams like astral traveling, lucid dreaming, and floating. It is also possible to have nightmares. Remember that there is nothing wrong with experiencing nightmares; they are a natural part of the process. During this time, your physical body is releasing unwanted low-frequency energy, and your dreams may reflect this release. Understand that it is entirely normal and natural.



To stay grounded during the integration period, consider incorporating these tools into your daily routine:

  • Take cold showers
  • Spend time in nature
  • Go for barefoot walks
  • Engage in sea/river swims
  • Practice relaxing yoga
  • Meditate
  • Eat grounding foods like vegetables with roots
  • Observe your breath
  • Keep a journal
  • Increase your water intake and avoid caffeine
  • Cultivate positive thoughts
  • Practice gratitude
  • Move more or less, depending on what your body needs
  • Engage your senses by observing things you can see, smell, touch, hear, and taste
  • Create a soothing environment with candles and nurture your body



Many people inquire about the sounds and language spoken during the session. This is called Light Language. It is a vast and expansive form of sound frequencies that attune individuals to galactic frequencies. My activation of light frequency is used for healing on all levels, bridging Earth and space. These sound activations promote deep healing while bringing a sense of calm and peace to people's physical bodies. Over time, this unique form of sound frequency has developed and blossomed as I have become more embodied and connected to self.



The pace of your journey is entirely dictated by you; there is no right or wrong pace. Trust the journey, knowing that the energy will continue opening other layers and working deeper with time and repetition. Book your next session whenever you feel drawn to and ready to experience both the sessions and the integration. Whether you decide to have more than one session a day during a retreat or schedule sessions at your own pace, there is no "too much" or "maximum amount." Intuitively decide


If you have any further questions, please reach out: [email protected]

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