Hi, I am Aline.


I am guided by a deep passion for creating safe and transformative healing spaces for individuals on their unique journey towards wholeness and self-discovery.

Having immersed myself for years in the wisdom of Native American Shamans and healers from diverse indigenous traditions, I have crafted a unique approach that combines ancient healing modalities with a grounded understanding of the body, the nervous system, and trauma.

Through the integration of FBR Clinical Breathwork, Kundalini Activation Energetics, and Bodywork, my support is tailored specifically to the needs and capacities of each individual's body and energetic system. My diverse range of certifications, including Reiki, Theta Healing, Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Bodywork, and my dedicated focus on Kundalini Activation Energy Work and FBR Clinical Breathwork, enhance my ability to provide holistic care.

Over the course of five years, I have guided over hundreds humans through transformative emotional processes in online spaces. However, I have come to recognize that profound healing goes beyond conscious conversation alone. Somatic Healing Work is offering a depth of embodied healing that is not available through any “talking” on a conscious level.

This is why I have let go of online coaching and fully focus on the powerful healing work with FBR Clinical Breathwork, Kundalini Activation and additional Online Safe Space Holding Trainings for other Practitioners.

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