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The Journey of the intuitive Healer


Our 3-month initiation into developing your psychic gifts, clarity about your unique frequency & confidentially stepping into the healer that you came here to be


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You are not crazy, you are simply awakening.


  • Awakening to who we came here to be. You have always been different. Tried to fit in most of your life and yet felt like an alien in this world. Now you feel called to make your differences your superpowers and learn to express who you really came here to be.


  • Deep connectedness to self & spirit. A sense of feeling home within your own wholeness and in co-creation with spirit. Even if you have felt disconnected in the past, now you know that this feeling is your most natural state of being and you are ready to claim it back.


  • Living a life guided by intuition & own truth. A space of surrender and deep trust in yourself and your own path. The end of doing, the end of trying, but instead a gentle listening and moving within flow and synchronicities. 


  • Stepping out of your own healing cycle. Start being in service where you are right now.
    You came here to serve humanity, to be a healer and raise the frequency of the planet. Being in service is natural for you and part of your own healing journey.

From your biggest challenge into your greatest gift. 


The universe and the spirit world are responding when you say YES! 

YES to follow your inner calling. YES to follow this vision about yourself that has been with you for years. If you always felt you are here to do things differently, to show a new way of being and being in service then this is for a reason - this path belongs to you!

The path of the healer in this life time is the most humbling path we could choose. It´s deeply being in service, a devotion to our own healing journey, a deep remembrance of our nature and surrender to letting life moving through you.

And it is all rewarded with a life that feels like a magical fairytale, with so much joy and the sense of being who you truly are. 

BECOMING THE INTUITIVE HEALER YOU CAME HERE TO BE IS A HOME COMING TO YOURSELF - and we can do this in ease and so much joy dear one!

You are invited to join us

The Journey of the intuitive Healer

Start: 15th of May 2023


An intimate 3-month initiation journey for spiritual woman on a soul mission to raise the frequency of this planet. Who are ready to say YES to their magic, the healer they came here to be and awake to their unique gifts so they can be expressed into this world.

This is not just a training in which you just learn a bunch of tools to connect deeper. To yourself, your soul mission, gifts and spirit. But instead a connected experience. We are an intimate group of women on the same path, the same “crazy” and all ready to go deep. Depth, joy and connectedness. This is how we move. A space in which we feel seen, heard and understood like never before. This will be our base of healing and rising together.

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*Once you click this button, you’ll be invited to book a 30-min discovery call with me. This is your space to freely express, ask and explore if this journey is for you.

During our 3-month journey you will...


  • Build a relationship with your own Energy and Nervous System. Unlocking the secret to self. This knowledge is what most people are missing. In order to embody who we are meant to be as healers, we need to build energy capacity to hold energy and having access to our intuition constantly.

  • Become clear about your intuitive gifts & unique soul mission. What am I here to do? If you have ever asked yourself this question, then you are at the right place. We will grow an incredible self-awareness and inner knowing.

  • Open your channel to spirit & start living a life aligned with who you came here to be. 
    It´s a surrender and deep trust into self & life. 
    The mind can´t guide us into new ways of being we haven´t experienced yet, only the heart knows.


  • Be able to express and offer your gifts to others. It´s time for you to be heard and seen. Often we felt misunderstood because we came here to think, feel and move differently. Now we don´t hide anymore and allow ourselves to just be our miraculous selves.

This is how we journey together ...

1. Grounding Foundations to Expand

Choosing your frequency by focusing on your nervous system capacity, regulation & self awareness

2. Opening & exploring your unique Gifts

Awakening to your intuition, birth given abilities and become clear about your soul mission

3. Embodying Wholeness

When we open our energy system it is necessary to be grounded in ourselves. The most profound energy protection is radiating with all we are - our wholeness.

4. Play & Practices

The much we will dive deep into ourselves, the same amount we can play. Channeling and Light Language practices to playfully and explorative opening our channel.

5. Expressing who you came here to be 

When we recognize our truth and what we have to offer more and more, we want to have the communication skills to share ourselves safely and confidently with the world. Our gifts want to be received.

 When you join 


you will receive...

Weekly intimate Live Calls

In order to have the greatest transformation and connection, we will meet weekly for live calls. Maximum 10 women to insure an intimate container in which you feel individually supported, heard and seen.

Ongoing weekly Message Support

During the week and in between the calls, we are here with you. Not just me, but our small sister group. To have your safe space and space where you can freely share and receive support any time and wherever you are.

Tools & Practices to connect deeply with your own Energy System & to Spirit

We blend science and spirituality in the most fun, deep and profound way. We will learn tools and practices to ground into the body, a new sense of capacity and opening our channel to spirit and to our truest self.

Sisters on the same Path - Connection, Accountability & Practice Spaces

The biggest gift we can receive - sisters on the same path, so that we can just be ourselves. Here to listen, support and uplift each other. Also we have spaces for accountability support and optional practice sharing.

+ more BONUSES


  • 2 x CCC - "Conscious Connnected Communication" Workshops. Knowing our truth is one thing, but being able to effectively communicate it the other.
    Two workshop to level up your communication skills. To share your truth, soul mission and ignite every relationship you have.

  • 1 x Light Code Workshop. Let´s play & anchor some powerful frequencies.
    A shamanic ritual & practice which allows us to work with symbolism to anchor other dimensions into this 3D reality.

  • 1 x international Guest Teacher. Let this be a surprise.
    I am so gifted to have incredible teacher, healer and channel in my field. Bringing an extra energy in to support and inspire you is always my favorite.
  • Project Soul Mission Online Journey for free. For everyone who wants to make a living with sharing their offerings.
    Since 2020 I have guided 106 women into their soul mission business start and over 45 videos will be available to you as a self-study journey.
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*Once you click this button, you’ll be taken directly to a call booking page. Here we can connect and explore if this journey is a full YES for you and me.

Hi, I am Aline. 


FBR "Facilitated Breath Repatterning" Breathwork and Kundalini Frequency Facilitator, Space Holding Teacher, Theta Healing and Reiki Practitioner, Medium, Certified Holistic Health Coach and psychic Mentor.

Since I was traditionally initiated as a Shaman by the native Americans in Montana, US, back in 2017, I went on a journey of deep healing. 

For myself and sharing it with others. Along this path I discovered the power of spiritual modalities, but also found the importance of grounded scientific nervous system and trauma-informed work. This is what I stand for, bringing both worlds together. In my own spaces and in profound space holder trainings.

Since then I have guided hundreds of humans online into their soul mission, spiritual gifts ands truest expression of self. 

Offline I am devoted to deep healing work which I am gifted to offer with FBR Breathwork and the power of Kundalini Frequency. 

Deeply grateful to be in service, Aline


If you have any additional questions beyond what you see here, please email me any time [email protected] or book your discovery call. I am happy to answer.

When you have felt the calling to embody the healer you came here to be, then this is for a reason

Remember dear One, having the calling to be an intuitive and healer in this life-time is nothing average. If you feel a calling its is only become it belongs to you and your soul is constantly letting you know.