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My Story
S_Aline Osenau-Koh Phangan 2018 + Dean R

I am Aline. I have been an intuitive empath all my life but started to develop this skill as my unique superpower when I quit my corporate job in 2015. I started traveling and studying with shamans and alchemists all over the world, which lead me to a very different path. 

In 2017 I got initiated from Natives in the North US which inspired me to live my life in full purpose and in my highest potential. I am feeling called to bring higher frequencies into this reality, which I am doing by self-practice, self-awareness, and self-love. That´s the most important part and something that each of us can do every single day. Furthermore, I am offering my services in one-on-one intuitive coaching sessions, channelings, workshops and by receiving your light codes.

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