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I am a seeker of truth, beauty and harmony and always focusing on connecting this with higher intentions. Imagine we would surround ourselves with everything that is beautiful to us every day. That is stimulating our eyes and is creating harmony in our system. For each of us, this is something different. I am here to offer you the harmony and higher frequencies that are coming through me. Use the symbols as a fixpoint in your meditation practice, put them on the wall, have them as a screensaver or have them always in your pocket.

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Get your Light Code 

Even I would highly recommend to receive your individual Light Code which is exactly matching and activating your frequency, I am offering you to receive some of the collective ones which I channeled over the last 4 years.

Each of them has a very particular purpose and is working in a very particular way on your energy body!

Each Light Code that you are receiving will be sent out by myself. I always take a moment and connect with your higher self to make sure your chosen Light Code is fully aligned with you.

    Receive your individual Light Code Frequency Activation

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