How I got here

For most of my life, I felt disempowered, anxious and unsure of myself. I lacked confidence, I struggled with insecurity, the feeling of not fitting in and finally that led me to burnout and an eating disorder. All my thoughts had been around food, self-doubt and finding ways to get confirmation and love from outside. I was living my life for everyone else, constantly changing, modifying and altering myself in order to be accepted and be what I thought others wanted. Until something happened which changed the perspective of my life ...

The breaking point

In November 2015, I was struggling so much with the way I was living that I finally realized that I could no longer avoid making a big shift. I decided to leave my 60 hours per week management job at a German fashion company and I knocked on the door of the closest therapist to help me with my unbearable patterns of an eating disorder. In the first two months of working with the therapist, we didn't speak about food or my eating habits at all.

My powerful realization was that my problem was not about food at all. My eating disorder was just the manifestation of everything that was happening inside. My inner self was trying to tell me that the way I was living wasn't right for me.

The gap and trust

After these intense months, I wasn´t completely free from my eating disorder patterns and I had no idea what I should do with my life. The old was gone, but there were no clear next steps. I was sitting in this uncomfortable gap that has brought me even more anxiety and the feeling of having no purpose.


Luckily I had been able to build up an important quality in the first months: That was TRUST! Trust is this one quality that kept me going and knowing everything would work out. It didn´t matter how hard a situation seemed. I was able to hold this strong belief that every experience teaches me something and that everything that happens is leading me to something greater.

I kept asking myself "What if this uncomfortable gap is the greatest opportunity in my life?"

The journey

I remembered every day that I can trust and started to reconnect with my heart.

I spent time living on a small sailing boat, traveling South East Asia, learning from Native American tribes in the western US and studying under a tribal leader and Shaman from Florida. I participated in many self-discovery workshops, began and built my yoga and meditation practices, and cultivated another quality which changed my life completely: AWARENESS!


But even after I experienced so much magic on my path of following my heart, I was still confused. Through this, I had reconnected to my creativity, which brought to me hundreds of ideas of what I could do with my life. At the same time, I still had doubts that I would not be good enough to create a new career.

In service

Luckily, I was surrounded by people who supported, loved and believed in me. They reminded me that I am capable of doing anything that I want to do with my life. 

It took some time, but with the right tools, courage, patience, trust, and awareness, I became the creator of the reality that I am dreaming about.

Now, I am living all over the world in harmony with nature and I am honored to be at your service,  guiding you through this journey.

I am called to be fully present for you. With empathy, compassion and the power to guide you, we will change your frequency on all levels of your being. I hold this greater vision of whom you dream of being, and will guide you along your journey to get there. 

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