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How would it feel to get out of your daily thought patterns and confusion, and know what to do next?

Have you been struggling with blockages that are still holding you back, even when you are trying so hard to work on yourself?


How would your life change if you would uncover the secrets of becoming a badass manifestor of your own reality, and magnetize your heart´s deepest desire?

I am here for you to shift your reality 

I truly believe that you are perfect and that there are no blockages you have to push through. 

I see you and I know that you are exactly where you are supposed to be right now in your own rhythm.


While we work together I am here to shift your reality drastically by offering you a multidimensional perspective to everything you are going through right now. I will teach you how to reconnect with your intuition as your most intelligent guidance system. 

In a 60 minute session, I will work completely intuitively with you being lead by my guides. You will experience what it means to be fully seen, heard and supported and I will share with you the most needed information they are going to give me for you.  

You can expect a very different approach and perspective to look at your current life situation. We are going to zoom far out to observe from a multidimensional perspective which allows us to see beyond this lifetime and reality.


max. 80€


max. 120€



max.  480€


max. 380€

CHOOSE TO PAY BETWEEN 50 - 100% (up to 100€ exchange)

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I highly believe that I can hold space for you and level jump your frequency as far as we allow ourselves to go.

I am a lifelong student, constantly evolving, practicing stillness and regularly taking time off when I am guided to. If there are no available appointments or the delivery of your light code takes a few weeks, you can trust that´s the reason. However, if you email me or fill out the contact form I will always get back to you as soon as possible.