Because you are worth it!

Did you know that everything you want to become and experience is already within you?

Imagine having a key that allows you to access parts of yourself that are dormant, but want to come into the light.

Being able to access all the love, confidence, trust, health and abundance that’s already there!

How does the activation work?

Light Codes bypass the limitations of our conscious language. They're meant to be felt and they speak directly to our heart and soul.

I channel light frequencies, which I materialise and anchor into this physical reality in the form of hand-drawn symbols, which you can easily connect to.


Through anchoring light in these symbols, I create an

energetic key for you; a doorway to access and align higher frequencies within yourself.

Your energetic field is in a constant state of motion and these Light Codes work in shifting frequencies to your highest state of being.

Get your Light Code!




Previous mail communication to get clear about your INTENTION!


Ritual, receiving your Light Code, drawing, meditating and activate all dormant frequencies that want to come into the light

You receive the Light Code as HAND-DRAWN and VECTORIZED.jpg version

30 MINUTE VIDEO CALL in which I am going to share with you all the messages that I have received for you

How to use your Light Code?

Using your Light Code is simple!

Place it in a special space in your home, your office, altar or on the wall. You will intuitively know where you will enjoy seeing it. Simply having it in your environment is enough to create an energetic shift.


If you wish to go deeper, take the time to stare into your Light Code for a few minutes, breathe deeply and with an open heart connect with your intention. Close your eyes and hold this frequency, anchor it into your energetic field for as long as you desire. THAT'S IT! Keep doing this meditation practice as often you feel like it!

Are you ready for a frequency activation?

You are doing so much work on yourself already. Lean back and let frequency do its work. It´s your time to receive, surrender and align yourself with your wildest dreams!

Why? Because you are worth it!


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