Light Code Activations


Light Code Activations are bypassing the limitations of our conscious language. They're meant to be felt and they speak directly to our heart and soul.

I am an initiated shaman and keeper of these codes, which I anchor into this physical reality in the form of hand-drawn symbols, which you can easily connect to. 

Through anchoring light in these symbols, I create an energetic key for you; a doorway to access and align higher frequencies within yourself.

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I am going on a 3-day journey. Just for you in which I am channeling and drawing your Light Code Activation within shamanic rituals and meditations. 

client magic 

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how light codes unlock your magic

  • Light Codes, Activation Codes, Frequency Keys (all synonyms) allow you to access parts of yourself that are dormant but want to come into the light

  • Based on your intentions we are able to access all the confidence, clarity, trust, and spiritual gifts that are already there!

  • These Activations are carrying information that are beyond our conscious language. They speak and integrate directly into our hearts and soul

  • As an initiated shaman I am a keeper of these Activations. Channeling and anchoring them into this physical reality in the form of hand-drawn symbols


Your energetic field is in a constant state of motion and these Light Codes work in shifting frequencies to your highest state of being.


your activation package!

Intention Setting 

You will receive a proactive questionnaire and we will enter a mail communication to get clear about your INTENTION to the maximize alignment


3-Day Full Activation Process

Shamanic rituals, channeling your Light Code Activation, drawing, meditating and activating all dormant frequencies that want to come into the light


Receive your Activation

After I received and hand-drew your Light Code, my grafic designer will digitalize it so it´s ready for you to be printed in any size to any time 


60min Integration & Transmission Call

 I am going to share with you all the messages that I have received for you, to allow all parts of your being to align and integrate

690 €

Only 50% down payment; pay the rest within the next 30 days 

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get activated

Only 50% down payment is required (345€) for your booking.

I will start with receiving your Code as soon as I received the full exchange within the next 30 days.

After you have sent the first payment I will contact you via email within 24 hours to get to know you better, your journey, and your intentions.