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5th-7th of February 2021

3 Days to celebrate with us, share connection & wisdom.

Your insight into the world of PROJECT SOUL MISSION in which you receive confidence, clarity, and trust to kickstart your Soul Mission.

Receive & get inspired by sisters who have been part of the journey already and started to share their gifts.

It´s our gift to you! The entire weekend is FOR FREE!


soul mission deep dive


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We take you with us, because we know that we are shining brighter together!

our journey - overview

Friday, 05th of February

16:00 -- 17:30     

Ceremony with Nuria & Aline

Saturday, 06th of February

09:00 – 10:30       

Morning Breathwork with Svenja 

10:30 -- 11:30    

14:00 -- 15:30    

15:30 -- 16:30    

Live with Aline "Live your Soul Mission - Foundations"

"How to fuel your Mission with the Wisdom your feminine Cycle" with Elsa

Interviews with Aline & PSM Sisters

>> What’s my Soul Mission? (with Melanie, Elamore, Claire)

Sunday, 07th of February

10:00 – 11:00      

Sensual Morning Dance Ritual & Embodiment with Natalie

"How to use your female lifeforce energy to create your dreams" with Vivien

11:00 – 12:00        

14:00 – 15:30       

Interviews with Aline & PSM Sisters

>> How we finally got started! (with Melissa, Deria, Sophie)

15:30 --16:30        

"Show us who you are!" - Connection & Celebration" with Aline

All in German Time Zones

YOUR space to step up & be celebrated by your sisters within the safest space! We want to hear what you have to say!

15min each

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Special Announcement & gift just for you on this weekend

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Tools, Inspiration & Reflection

Deep Talks

Sisterhood, Connection & Sharing

On top Ceremony, Dance, Breathwork & Embodiment Practices

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Join us for this FREE weekend of connection, deep-dive and expansion!

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You have nothing else to do other than freeing your schedule and just say HELL YES!

This weekend is entirely FREE and our gift to celebrate sisterhood, life, and the new start of PROJECT SOUL MISSION 3.0!

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