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Online sessions are such an amazing opportunity to offer this work and intensify this frequency all around the world. 

As a facilitator, my physical presence is not a requirement for the intensified life force energy to flow through you. The concept of time and space does not apply in the quantum field, which is enabling us to engage with and benefit from the energy regardless of distance. The efficacy and potency of this energy remain consistent whether in-person or during online sessions.

Everyone is responding different to these sessions, even this energy lies in all of us. How responsive our system is, depends on our ability to let go of our minds thoughts, judgements and the willingness and capacity to surrender and let go. Some people feel the energy immediately in the first session and for some others it will take a few. 

There is no right and wrong and awaking to our own life force energy is a process. To get the most out of this experience, stay focused on the present, let go of control, and stay open to something new happening without expecting anything specific.



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Duration: 90min

Exchange: 35€

Timezone is always mentioned in CET (Germany) Timezone and WITA Timezone (Bali), please make sure to convert the session time 

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Please read about the energy & it´s powerful healing effects.

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