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A deep journey into your true self, trust & confidence so you can live your SOUL MISSION & start sharing your gifts

Project Soul Mission 4.0

Our sister journey into our true-selves in which you don´t need to let go of things, fix or change yourself. You will experience the power and gifts of all that´s within you. Now! 
It´s your life, your truth, your rules and your voice and we cannot wait to experience it all.
This is your Soul Mission Kick-start! 


About your birthgiven GIFTS and superpowers 

About how the UNIVERSE is constantly communicating to you


About your PURPOSE and what you came here to do

About your NEXT STEPS that you have to take 


That YOU ARE READY to start living your Soul´s Mission - now! 

In your own self and with all your magnificent weirdness, flaws and UNIQUENESS

That you are SAFE to be you and not holding back anymore to share your truth


That all you have experienced was for you and brought you closer to YOUR TRUTH


That you allow yourself to PLAY, to be seen and start sharing your gifts with others

That all the answers are WITHIN YOURSELF - you will learn to access your own spiritual wisdom


Bulletproofen practical tools that you need in order to align yourself with a timeline of making a LIVING FROM YOUR PASSION

SPIRITUALITY IN DAILY LIFE! All you need to know for living from a place of truth and passion

My favorite spiritual practices that I am using in my life and that are bringing me back to myself, wisdom and truth. They are making me a badass MANIFESTOR and keeping me ALIGNED with my Soul´s Mission – so they will do the same for you!


Me and YOU need a HELL YES!

I need to feel your commitment because you will never be the same after our journey.

We are family and I cannot wait to hear your story....


Stop learning your life away

You are already on your path of exploring. You consumed books, podcasts maybe even participated in trainings.

But you don‘t know where to start.


In moments you feel you have to learn more, become better, heal more before you start sharing your gifts and what you love to do!


I believe, that ...

you are ready

you are enough

you can start now

messages along the journey
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»You are the magic that you seek. Lets access it!«


hi, i am aline!

With my work, I am creating a unique bridge between spirituality and your dream business. This connection is so powerful because it finally gives us the necessary base and tools to live our mission as Lightworkers: supporting the earth and other humans in this ascending process!


After my business studies and over 7 years of experience in sales, in 2015 I took the leap into a new life and completely dedicated myself to my spiritual path: Many years of shamanic training and work, 1:1 coaching, workshops, energy work and of course that creation of Light Code frequency activations.


PROJECT SOUL MISSION was born from this passion.

These days I am dedicating all my heart, energy and creativity to this group initiation. I am here to start a massive ripple effect with this work in order to bring all Lightworkers into their power so that they can live in abundance, freedom, guided by their passion, and finally reach all the people who are just waiting to be inspired by them.

all support is available for you!

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7. June 2021




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