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Payment and Energy Exchange 

I want to see a world where everybody has the opportunity to invest in their personal growth, not depending on the numbers in their bank account. There are so many other beautiful ways of giving back.

If money is an issue for you at this moment I invite you to tell me how much you would like to exchange in GOOD ACTIONS for your community.

You can exchange any offer on my website with GOOD ACTIONS up to 50% (max 100€).


How is this working

1• While you are doing your booking, I will ask you which amount you would like to pay (50% - 100%). Up to 100€. This amount depends on your financial opportunities and space and time you are able to give something back to your community with GOOD ACTIONS. 

2 • As soon as I receive some information from you and which amount you would like to exchange in GOOD ACTIONS, I will invite you to take an action which is consciously chosen, just for you. A choice that considers your surroundings, capabilities and the path you are on right now. This is an invitation to trust, knowing that I want only the very best for you and your community. Nevertheless, it's always most important to me, that you are taking care of yourself first. Please share with me your suggestions for your exchange. Trust me, it will be fun!

3 • Record a max. 2-minute video, in which you are sharing your experiences with the community. You are an inspiration for others and I am dreaming to see this way of exchange more often because it is bringing happiness to you, me and many others. 

The exact video description you will receive as soon as you have booked your service.

4 • I will upload your video on my website and social media. Let´s be the role models of changing consciousness and sharing the love! 


Soon I will post videos of my clients, in which they are sharing their experiences and the good action they took for their community.

This model is rooted in deep trust. I believe that as more we trust in each other, the more we give and receive. I am grateful for starting with that right here with you!