Align your Business with its highest potential!

Do you want to live a life in full abundance while supporting others and raise collective consciousness?


Did you know that your project and business has its own consciousness and frequency?

Are you ready to receive support to raise this frequency into it´s highest purpose and potential?

I know that we can create a world in which business and spirituality goes hand in hand.


A reality in which we consciously work with energy and frequencies in order to support every single person in your team and create an environment of more peace, harmony, balance and the focus to create whatever you desire.

You do so much already! Let me support up-level your business on a frequency level so the physical can follow and adjust into that.

How does the activation work?

I channel light frequencies, which I materialise and anchor into this physical reality in the form of hand-drawn symbols.

Because or subconscious mind operates on symbolic language, these symbols bypass the limitations of our conscious language. They're meant to be felt and they speak directly to our heart and soul.


Through anchoring light in these symbols, I create an

energetic key for you and your business; a doorway to access and align with that certain high frequencies and purpose you desire.

How to use your Light Code?

Using your Light Code is simple!

Place it in on the walls of your office, put it on your desk or use it as your screensaver. You want to look at it, even it´s unconscious, as often as possible. 

If you wish to go deeper, take the time to stare into your Light Code for a few minutes throughout the day. Breathe deeply and connect with your vision and intentions.

When you ones started to work with your Light Code you might also want to put it on your business cards, website or include it in your brand logo. Everything is possible!

Get your Light Code!




Previous mail communication to get clear about your INTENTION!

I am going into ritual and meditating on your intentions for three days.

You receive the Light Code as HAND-DRAWN and VECTORIZED.jpg version

30 MINUTE VIDEO CALL in which I am going to share with you all the messages that I have received for you

Are you ready to uplevel and align your business?

Raise the frequency of your project or business into its highest purpose. Unlock all potentialities and your stream of synchronicities. Let´s create an environment of peace, harmony and the power to create an abundant and fulfilled life for yourself, each of your team members and everybody who is receiving your service.


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