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1:1  VIP mentoring 

This journey is not for everyone. As deeper, we go within, as more we shoot our light to everyone around us. 


A journey within requires some commitment, trust, and the strong will to create a new reality for yourself. We allow everything to come up to the surface in order for it to be released. This can be done with ease, gentleness, and a lot of love.


You won´t be the same after our time together. It´s literally your start into a new life in which you are fully aligned with your Soul´s Mission!

As I am really busy these days, I am offering only 2 one-on-one mentor spots at the same time.

If your heart is reacting while reading these lines, just send me a WhatsApp and we chat about your individual journey.

60min biz / soul mission -


This is the most powerful 60min activation you can imagine. We find the exact blindspots of why you are not being able to make a living from what you love, yet. 

There might be business reasons or maybe spiritual reasons.....we will find them all.

How? We use HUMAN DESIGN, TAROT, and my psychic abilities to give you more clarity than you ever had before and more awareness of your unique gifts. 

This is going to be so powerful and so much fun!

Warning: You will feel super activated afterwards and you want to create some time after our session, to express and create everything that is flowing through you!


60min deep soul 

alignment -  journey

90 minutes just you and me together with all your dreams, desire, fears, and confusion. We are holding space for all of it and going to experience that all is simultaneously welcome.

What are my next steps? What shall I do to break this old cycle?

How can I deal with my fear?

How can I connect to my intuition and trust in life?

How? We create a space for you to express and to be listened to. 

We might use some tarot cards and we ask spirit to give me any information that needs to be expressed to you!

This your time my love and you don´t need to do it all alone anymore!


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